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Feb 19, 2013 5:30pm PST
sold here in london are a tempting target for thieves. they're small, so easy to carry away. in 2009, two men robbed glass diamonds of $65 million worth. security cameras showed them simply walking in, disguised in professional makeup. in 1978, the legendary lufthansa heist at jfk airport. >> several million dollars in cash and jewelry taken from a cargo hangar by a band of armed men wearing masks. >> reporter: made famous in the movie "goodfellas." >> and these are the guys that jimmy put together for what turned out to be the biggest heist in american history. >> reporter: just last year at a london mall was hit by jewel thieves on motorcycles. police in belgium will now be looking for clues in their own security camera video. but experts warn the diamonds may have already vanished into the black market. keir simmons, nbc news, london. >>> we're back in a moment with a software glitch in outer space and what the president's weekend golf partner said about his game. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been d
Feb 21, 2013 2:30am PST
more than 100 points. for more, let's check in with karen cho. she's love in london for us. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investors are seen this market, this time, the fed suggesting that some of the board members have concerns about the qe purchases taking place. the minutes suggested that some of the members may want that program tapered off before then. also watching heinz shares as well today after the fbi launched its own investigation into illegal trades around heinz. $1.7 million was made from some sort of inside knowledge of this takeaway. and there's been so many deals out there. "new york times" may be the latest to throw its hat in the ring with the possible sale of boston globe. a price tag, how much is this business worth? $150 moll to $175 million cash flow. keep in mind, the "new york times" purchased this company for $1.5 billion. so a significant loss. >> a huge loss over two decades. karen tso in london, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> as always let us know why you're awake. tweet me if you like, at peter alexander. >>> still ahead -- "way
Feb 21, 2013 12:00pm EST
in london show the world what hosting the olympics means to city. now baltimore could do the same. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said that it is too early to think about it, but some state officials say that it might be in the city's long-term interests to make a run at the games. >> 32 four years leading in, and did three to 30 years after that and how you take advantage -- there is a good shot at baltimore could be a contender in such a bid for the 2024 olympics. >> the baltimore region has what the committee requires as far as hotel rooms, work space for the media, and public transportation. someone who knows all about athletics and staying in incredible shape is jillion michaels. you have seen her on "the biggest loser" and fitness tapes in your living room. she has a new book, and jil lian joins me now to talk all about. >> thank you for having me. >> you have to be the busiest woman in the biz, hands down. >> i'm definitely spread a little bit. >> you have a new book coming out, "slim for life." it is tough to attain. how'd you do that? >> one of the biggest problems people have i
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
in london and is excited to hear the bay area could be in the picture for 2024. >> i think the bay area does have the capability. it's a long ways off, so this is a lot of time to prepare. i know one of the biggest things that come into play with the olympics is finding space for all the people. >> 35 cities received the same letter from the u.s. olympic committee. because of our various facilities, hotels and stadiums, the bay area is considered a viable host. however, you may remember the bay area did lose its bid to host the 2012 games which were awarded to london. >>> two local universities scored big in the fundraising department. stanford became the first college to raise more than a billion dollars in a single year. it pays to have wealthy alumni. stanford significantly outpaced harvard, which brought in $650 million in donations. as for public universities, uc berkeley was the leading fundraiser, bringing in $405 million. we're back in a moment with some big warriors news tonight in oakland. stay with us. >>> hi, everybody. scott reiss in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. funny thing a
Feb 22, 2013 2:30am PST
at cnbc, steve sedgwick live in london. >> they're going to meet the administrator over at the faa. the solution could be increasing the space between these lithium ion cell batteries. we haven't got any confirmation that's part of the solution. as you say, hopefully they would be back in the air by april if they convince the faa and the transportation secretary that this is going to solve the concern about these combustible batteries, so to speak. it's cost them a lot of money. for instance, they've already had to pay money for lost revenues. it's cost them $200 million a month in lost revenue from sales of dreamliners. it's a huge problem. hopefully they have a solution. >> listen, let's talk about stuff that's more fun for people as they're getting up here. tech news. google getting into the touchscreen computer business. apple, i mean, reading about what this new product might be actually gets me excited about wearing something on my wrist for a change. >> yeah, brian, i can see it's all very buck rogers, having a computer that's a bracelet, that's a watch. it is very exciting.
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
of the stars of the london olympics shoots and kills his famous girlfriend in the middle of the night. emmy award-winning broadcaster mary carillo will join us for this story. don't forget you can listen to my radio show on sirius xm radio channel 127 monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using the #edshow. we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ >>> welcome back to "the ed show." big story tonight. there is a big pot of money outside of the united states. and it will help reduce the deficit. now, we've all heard about it. we've got to find revenue streams to come in. well, let's do this. two simple words. tax evasion. today the united states signed a major agreement with switzerland to crack down on ta
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
in that year in 2008 his luck turned for the london games four years later. bill: he made history in the games in london, making it to the semifinals in the 400 meters. he was that close to a medal competing on his country's relay team. his father and family at that time in london shared in his glorious moment. >> to now stand on the pinnacle of where you strifed and you hoped and dreamt to be, that is an amazing emotional feeling for him and i feel, i feel compassion and pride. i mean it's phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. really, to see him coming second in the heat in the olympics, amazing. bill: certainly was. that was the moment in august this past summer, now pistorius was chosen to carry the south african flag in the closing ceremony at the games and after london he competed in the paraolympics. part of the investigation now goes to apparently people, perhaps neighbors, maybe even friend, who had heard something earlier in the night and heard something around the shooting at 3:00 in the morning. they are being interviewed by police. martha: he has been released as we said for now. the
Feb 5, 2013 11:00am EST
in the opening day of the super g event at the alpine ski world championships. joining me from london is christina mcfarland, host of cnn's alpine edge. i'm joined on the telephone by john meyer, who is a sports columnist with the denver post and also a collaborator on lindsey vonn's blog. christine, let me start with you. the nuts and bolts about this race and what happened on the slopes that had her being taken away by helicopter. >> reporter: that's right, ashleigh. i managed to see the video of her fall about half an hour ago. i can tell you it looked pretty nasty her right knee seemed to buckle underneath her as she went down in the competition. which is a shame. this is the -- lindsay has won this four times in a row, she would have been confident going into today. the video i saw earlier, it looked like a very serious crash. the athletes who were waiting for her at the bottom of the run were astounded looking up and watching this unfold on the top of the course. as you say, she was air lifted to the hospital. and as you say it's been reported she has a complex knee injury. this
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
the story from london. >> the latest figure shows euro zone falling deeper in recession. >> europe is spluttering, stuttering and having a terrible time. >> effectively a double dip recession. some of the hardest hit country were debt-plagued spain and italy. france was sluggish. growth in germany down .6%. slow growth in economic powerhouse germany is especially worrying. the weakness is hurting the german exports. adding to economic headache, strike of security workers for higher pay snarled airports in germany today. >> he said is up it. even if i suffer for it. further come pounding problems debt-ridden countries are saddled with high unemployment. the jobless rate in greece is record 27%. i come here all the time. there are no jobs. economists say there could be some pick nun euro growth this year. that would be good news for the u.s. europe is our biggest trading partner. nearly $650 billion in two-way trade last year. >> we all barely growing if we are increasing taxes. and cutting spending. then that will have a direct impact on the wealth of ordinary americans. talks have
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
in 1908. largely unpopulated region, but had the same meteor hit, for example, london, i'm told that london would be gone. so that when these things do hit, they hit over largely unpopulated areas. not all the time. that just the mathematical odds of that tipping are small, aren't they? >> eventually, i always tell people we're playing a game of cost mcroulette with the earth, and most days we win but you can't keep winning forever. every gambler knows that. so our foundation is doing this privately. we are going to -- we are building a space telescope right now, already begun construction, and launching in 2018 to find the asteroids and we'll put the data online so that we know when the next one of these is going to be happening decade inside advance so we can deflect it. >> neil: even, ignorantly speak only my part here, those coming in the direction from the sun so you can still detect them. >> yes. well, from our position in space we can see them. >> neil: doctor, thank you very much. a pleasure having you. >>> who knew you could sue from a cell arranges jail cell. the terro
Feb 19, 2013 10:00am PST
and chill today in london smiling for the cameras on her way to london's hope house, a center for women and one of many charities that catherine supports. the new addition to the right family is due in july. >>> and alan simpson and erskine bowles are back, again, as we say, with another ten-year debt reduction plan. this one including hundreds of billions of dollars and health care cuts down the road. will democrats, though, be able to swallow any of these medicare savings? florida congressman debbie wasserman-schultz chairs the national committee and joins me from sunny, florida. thank you, congressman wrosh good to see you. you have a lot of people who care about this in your district as well as, of course, across the country. let me just say a little bit of what -- >> we raise the retirement age on social security one year, 40 years from now, and one more year, 65 years from now. that was to give people a chance to get ready, but even at that -- >> say that again. say that again. >> we raise it one year 40 years from now -- >> 40 years from now. >> one more year 65 years from now, a
Feb 23, 2013 7:00am EST
he it comes to the catwalk. the models at london's mainstream fashion week were predictably thin. >> the fact that there isn't variation, that's a problem. and that is definitely a bad message to be sending out. >> reporter: jada is a plus-sized model, dress size 14. she founded a london fashion week event where all the models were plus size. similar events have taken place in new york for several years. sitting in the front row, a woman from oregon on a mission. >> plus-size women are constantly told all the time that they're not allowed to wear fashion, they're not allowed to feel beautiful. these events say you can. >> reporter: what are you hoping to achieve with this event? >> we are trying to educate people that plus size, curvy women can look great on the catwalk. and hopefully slowly but surely these will win the hearts of the plus-sized community. >> reporter: this model says no question attitudes are changing. >> i think it's very important. i think it's really that plus-size people themselves are making the change. i think it's very empowering to women in general. >> r
Feb 21, 2013 4:00am EST
a bafta in london. the oldest best actress winner, jessica tandy, won when she was 80 for "driving miss daisy." marlee matlin is the youngest for "children of a lesser god." and many remember tatum o'neal, who won best supporting actress for "paper moon." >> i'm happy and exciting. but it's something that i never would think i would happen at your age. >> reporter: but many critics believe this year, experience will pay off in oscar gold. >> i think emmanuelle riva from "amour" will win best actress. >> reporter: oscar sunday happens to be emmanuelle riva's 86th birthday. she would have two reasons to celebrate. bran sy hit, abc news, los angeles. >> i love the tidbits and history behind the show. >> i think we're going to have to know the name quvenzhane and how to say it. >>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a wonderful day.
Feb 7, 2013 9:00am PST
correspondent nick robinson with us live from london. details on that. nick, iran releasing that footage, some of it on the ground. some of it aerial. it says it's from the spy plane. if this is true, it's obviously embarrassing. but what does it mean? >> reporter: well, we don't know if it is true. the pentagon is not commenting so far. what the iranians have are pictures, black and white images of the united states, various areas in the united states. and also what they claim is the u.s. base in afghanistan, you can see these drone like structures, that we have become familiar with, seeing them in afghanistan, where drones are parked. there are indications perhaps this is kandahar. but we don't know. this could just be material they found somewhere else. there is no way of knowing that this actually came from the aircraft, that it was material shot from the aircraft they claim to have. >> iran has had it for well over a year. is there any way of knowing if they were able to garner much in the way of worthy intelligence from the drone, for example they claim they were able to reverse engineer
FOX News
Feb 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
based on reason. it's not our embassy in london here. we are talking about libya and there are a lot of people that want to kill americans. the political theater aside and who knew what and why ambassador stevens requests went unanswered i think what is more concerning is the lack of threat recognition. i think there are a majority of people in the country that have a philosophical difference from this president on the definition of terrorism and the threats that we face. i would argue that this country is lot more danger when it was when osama bin laden was alive because al-qaeda is very fragmented. they are not operating from one single playbook. i think the uncertainty that really makes the intelligence difficult and i think it makes it a scary place. >> heather: that is good point. despite these growing threats, no security measures were taken to protect the consulate at benghazi. it was well known that libya security forces which were almost non-existent were incapable of protecting the embassy. moving forward, is it important to have those issues resolved befor in a new secreta
FOX News
Feb 22, 2013 11:00am EST
/11 and the london bombings and the madrid bombings. it will be about this obsession of theirs whether one part of the movie, the enhanced interrogations will convince the american people that led to the capture of usama bin laden. senator feinstein completely unbalanced the reception to this film and in the event, seems to have intimidated hollywood into dropping kathryn bigelow from best director. it has no chance of winning best picture,. jenna: do you think it should? >> i definitely think it should win best picture. it was the best picture made. it was so well-received last year. the issue is why do we end up obsessed with something like enhanced interrogation, turning "zero dark thirty." the torture movie, when it is about something so larger than that. jenna: a very small part of the movie is about the scene that caused so much controversy. seems there is a battle over narrative. who owns the story about what happened on 9/11, and who has the story right. here is this battle between lawmakers who, a role in that story and those that create the movies about our country that also has a rol
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am EST
to you. i am enjoying a wonderful performance. this guy right here hailed by the london times as the pianist to watch. he happens to be from ice land which is why he is one of the featured performers part of nordic cool. coming up next, we're going to talk with him, hear him play and performances perfect for younger audiences. all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there who aren't happy with their internet. [ spokesman ] are you lindsay? yes... did you say, "my internet's so slow it's like a car with no gas"? yes... [ male announcer ] well lindsay, you're about to get verizon fios quantum, america's fastest, most reliable internet. so that's what you used to have... okay. and that's fios. wow, this is crazy fast, almost unbelievable. [ male announcer ] that will put some gas in the old tank, lindsay! living life at quantum speed, that's powerful. [ female announcer ] supercharge your internet speeds with a great deal that gets even better. switch to a fios triple play online for just $89.99 a month and we'll triple
Feb 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
him and fled to london. there's a warrant out for your arrest if you come back to pakistan. >> the arrest warrant is not because i have been found guilty of anything. the arrest warrant is because i haven't appeared in court. i didn't go because i know that there could have been judicial activism there and politicalize says cases against me. now i believe i have to take the risk to go back and fight the case in the court. >> reporter: there were all sorts of charges pending against the nearly 70-year-old musharraf, including illegally detaining judges and even their families. the crackdown led to huge protests by lawyers. who clashed with police. it was the first organized resistance against emergency rule imposed by musharraf before he fell from power. in my opinion, someone who has studied pakistan, who's been to pakistan, the best case scenario, if you go back, you'll be arrested. the worst case scenario is that threat will materialize and someone will kill you. how worried are you about that? >> both, you are correct on both counts. but if i get arrested, that doesn't m
Feb 26, 2013 9:00am PST
drop when it opened this morning. richard quest out of london, tell us what is happening. what is the reaction? >> reporter: most dramatic reaction on the italian markets, of course, that fell the best part of 5% in trading on tuesday. yields on italian debt, they rose. and all in all, there is a general feeling that what has happened in italy, because this was an anti-austerity vote, and those parties against austerity did so well, what the feeling is that we could be off to the races again. the people have spoken and they don't like the policies that european bureaucrats are imposing from above in their view and now of course we're starting to see the results. all of the major markets, ftse, dax, all heavily down. >> and the american markets don't like it much either. talking here, when talking about grillo, the comedian, his party does not have a comprehensive plan, political plan, going forward. just said a lot of things that people wanted to hear. people are talking about another election. how is it being viewed there in europe? >> reporter: well, there's no question that
Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
to the streets today from new york to new delhi london to kartomb. they interrupted their day to demand an end to violence. those were protesters chanting we are part of the 1 billion and rising in kabul afghanistan just today. the movement is called 1 billion and rising. the founder is none other than play wright eve the woman lined the vagina monologue. they saided to go big. joining me now to discuss this global initiative and other news of the day is kelly goff, the political correspondent comes to us from new york city. welcome inside the "the war room," kelly. >> it's great to be back. >> michael: i want to talk about these marchs, but in this country it all comes under the guise of the violence against women act. the senate voted to reauthorize the violence against women act now it goes back to the house where it was blocked just last year. do you think what is happening today, the movements like this will help the backwoods g.o.p. come to their senses? >> well, it should. i don't know that i'm hopeful that it will, but it should. let me tell i couldn't. not only are women doing this in
FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm PST
to provoke the obama administration. amy kellogg has more from london. >> iran just released footage it claimed it extracted from a drone captured in 2011. footage of the pentagon will not confirm if s authentic. not only can it reverse engineer and mass produce spy planes now but it's collected data from the sentinel surveillance craft it intercepted. as sanctions against iran are tightening. the supreme leader rejects joe biden's suggestion that direct negotiations between the two countries might be possible. >> i'm not a diplomat, i'm a revolutionary and negotiations can only be meaningful when the other party shows goodwill. when they don't show goodwill, talks are meaningless. >> u.s. is accused of holding a gun to iran but six powers which includes the united states is expected to meet the nuclear team next month. while the sanctions are hurting iran's economy they are not thwarting nuclear advancement. >> to make these advanced centrifuges, suggests they are moving fast ahead on their program. >> one note on the supreme leader's defiant tone, a top official recently told me th
FOX News
Feb 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
to be bigger that the 2005 london transit attacks. they face life in prison. the u.s. is still not getting a lot of cooperation from the investigation of the latest terror attack against americans. tonight chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us how efforts to question another perp of interest in last fall libya assault are being rejected. >> while the suspect may at firsthand knowledge of the operatives who murdered four americans in benghazi on 9/11, sources tell fox news egypt denied direct access. >> i'm not clear what the basis of the denial was. they like to control the access. americans should want access as well. >> he is suspected of setting up camp at eastern libya where the recruits train to use mortars. the same indirect fire that killed former navy seal tyrone woods and glen doherty at the c.i.a. annex. in late 2011 he wrote to ayman al-zawahiri. to take advantage of the cans in libya after the revolution. to buy weapons and attract foreign fighters. >> he is clearly seeking additional support for operation going forward. a guy that is willing to take dire
FOX News
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
of dawn and in it the band tried to capture the sound that made it famous in london's underground music scene. instrumental freakouts along with strange and colorful lyrics. essentially british pop dipped in lsd. while the group was laying down the album the beatles were working on sergeant pepper in the studio right next door and to this day the piper at the gates of down is still considered one of the best psychedelic albums of the '60s and pink floyd first took a trip to the studio 46 years ago today. i like the new theme music. now, you know the you news for this thursday, february 21, 2013.
Feb 6, 2013 5:00am EST
likely to use artificially unsweetened mixtures. >>> one of a kind picasso painting sold in london last night for $28.6 million. the portion of the muse was sold at sotheby's. also on the auction block, a work by monet which sold for $14 million. despite sufficient economic times, prices for the most sought after art works has soared in recent years. 28.6 million pounds equals $45 million. >> can you imagine? i love picasso. could you imagine having that in your home. i don't have space for my house. >> you would knock out a wall. >> you know me so well. >>> monitoring news out of the south pacific after a powerful earthquake sparked tsunami fears. >>> safety precautions to avoid another deadly meningitis outbreak. >>> the countdown to the winter games reaches a milestone today. >>> temperatures hovering around the freezing mark for some of you as you head out the door. your forecast is next with weather and traffic on the 1s. our time right now is 5:27. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experie
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
will remember for a long, long time. did it take a couple days? a week? your vacation to london? >> you know, i think you immediately start thinking about next year, you think about it, process it, and i think -- you look at me after a game, any game, that's what i do, i sit in front of the locker, i process it. they just happened to have a camera in there that time. i get just as upset at a game when i was 12. it's pardon of the short-term memory. it's a big game, but i look back at any other bad outing, learn from it and move on. >> good outlook by the kid. it must be because he as the son of a sports caster. who knows? >>> if only they could play florida every single game, first of five, then a gritty overtime win down there in sunrise, florida against the panthers. they will take wins any way they can get them these days. let's look at how things went down. this was a great come from behind win. and he had a big one last night, too. caps down 5-4. off the face-off. ovechkin blasts one past clemmensen, his fifth of the year, ties the game at five, and we're going to overtime. 30 seconds in.
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am PST
in the bathroom and was a robber. bill: starting to set up his defense as you can tell. amy kellogg live in london. what else did we learn in court today, amy. >> reporter: bill, the magistrate in the pretoria court decided this thud be dealt as a schedule 6 case. that means premeditated murder. that means oscar pistorius will unlikely be able to get bail. premeditated, the prosecution said he had to get out of bed, attach his prosthetic legs and walk seven yards to the bathroom where steenkamp, reva steenkamp, was locked in cowering in fear after an argument. pistorius in an affidavit red out today disputes that. he said he went out on the balcony without his prosthetics he claims he has some mobility without them. he wanted to bring in a fan through sliding glass doors. when he came in he thought a robber climbed through the bathroom. grabbed a gun, shot through the door, calling out for reva to call the police. he didn't realize she was in the bathroom. he claims today that he did not intend to kill her and he loved her very deeply, bill. bill: how did he react going into court or actually in t
Feb 6, 2013 7:00am EST
of the morning about everything. >> the new book takes place in present day london and will represent a totally new phase in bridget's life, leaving bridget's fans wondering if she will resume her old affair with the kad daniel cleaver. live happily ever after with the reindeer jumper wearing darcy. >> i like you very much just as you are. >> or perhaps bridget will just end up -- ♪ all by myself >> coming up next, the oscar-nominated director of "silver linings playbook" opens up to jenna bush hager about his very personal connection to this movie, after this. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. minute maid pure squeezed. it tastes just like a fresh, ripe orange, and oranges are really mad. i'm ty burell and i'm an idiot... who changed the cue cards? well played, orange. minute maid pure squeezed. never from concentrate. ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ [ female announcer ] we've
Feb 3, 2013 5:00am PST
of events, london, milan, paris. maybe you can get a ticket to something like that. on sunday, yes, it is the super bowl of music. the grammy awards show sunday night, all five nominees for album of the year expected to perform including mumford and sons and fun. also kelly clarkson's stronger, and taylor swift's catchy tune, we are never, ever getting back together. >>> questions still linger about an attack on an embassy compound in benghazi. defense secretary leon panetta expected to testify in the coming weeks about the events that led to the deaths of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others on september 11th last year. state of the union host candy crowley joins me to talk about this. candy, good morning. will we find out anything knew about what was done and if it could be prevented? >> interesting. in this interview we did talk about benghazi, some of the complaints at least as far as the military is concerned about benghazi has been why wasn't there a force that you could move in quickly, if this was a seven-hour exchange of some sort. why wasn't there some place to
FOX News
Feb 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
in 11 days. a fairly grueling travel schedule. he'll be making stops in four european capitals, london, paris, berlin and rome. then off to five arab and muslim countries. but not to israel or the palestinian authority. >> given the fact that the government coalition negotiations in israel are still underway, the secretary will be traveling there with the president when he visits later in the spring in lieu of making his own separate trip in february to jerusalem and ramallah. >> while he is in italy, secretary kerry will be meeting with leaders of syria's rebel forces. bill. >> bill: ready to hit the road. thank you. james rosen in the state department for us tonight. >>> vice president joe biden also honoring some americans who risked their own safety to help others today. the vp and attorney general eric holder presenting the medal of valor to 18 police officer, firefighters, troopers and deputies earlier today as the nation's highest honor for civilian officers. the vice president saying that the nation is grateful for their sacrifice and for their courage. >> something about y'all
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